Mon-Fri 09.00 - 17.00 31 Jan - 2 Feb 2019, Leamington Spa

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Ubisoft Leamington and Ubisoft Reflections are delighted to be involved in the Interactive Futures event, showcasing the extraordinary talent in the games industry and with a focus on the energy and creativity of the local area. As an employer, we strongly believe in fully participating in the community we are a part of and making valuable cultural and financial contributions that benefit everyone.

Max Everingham, Senior Marketing Manager

Playground Games

We’re thrilled to sponsor Interactive Futures. Leamington Spa has been Playground Games’ home for nearly a decade and having the opportunity to celebrate and promote Leamington Spa as a major UK video games cluster through Interactive Futures is a fantastic proposition for both the industry and the town.

Gavin Raeburn, Studio Director, Playground Games


We are delighted to sponsor Interactive Futures. Being located in Leamington Spa with its rich gaming history, which is becoming a thriving hub for game developers, we are proud to be involved in this community. Being surrounded by the creativity and excitement of the games industry this gives Leamington its unique appeal.

Harinder Sangha, Studio Head at SEGA HARDlight


Codemasters are always pleased to offer career opportunities to local as well as global talent and we are delighted to be involved with Interactive Futures. If you want to know more about life at Codies, come and see us in the event Showcase!

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