Mon-Fri 09.00 - 17.00 31 Jan - 2 Feb 2019, Leamington Spa

About Silicon Spa

So why choose to hold the event in Leamington Spa? Based at the heart of Coventry and Warwickshire, the area is home to one of the UK’s largest gaming clusters and is still considered by many to be a hidden gem in the world of games development. Nicknamed ‘Silicon Spa’, the cluster employs over 2500 highly skilled people, which equates to over 10% of today’s UK total working in the industry.

The history of Silicon Spa goes back over 30 years and the local area can count key industry names amongst its residents, with Codemasters, SEGA and Ubisoft among the studios in the region. From Guitar Hero Live to the Forza series some of your household favourites have been developed right here.

With over 50 studios operating from within Silicon Spa and over 80 across Coventry and Warwickshire, it’s a fantastic hub of creative design and digital business growth.

At Interactive Futures we’ll celebrate the successes of Silicon Spa and also consider its positioning in the wider video games industry. Whether you’re already based here, or looking to relocate, you can find out how to benefit from what the area has to offer.

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About Interactive Futures

Games. Culture. Creativity – The three words that define Interactive Futures. Whether you already work in the video games industry, work in an associated creative field, perhaps you want to start a new career, or, quite simply, you just love playing games – there will be something for you.

During the event we’ll bring together the video games and creative communities to showcase the latest developments and opportunities, uncover career and industry insights and form new collaborative partnerships.

For those working within the sector, Friday’s programme will offer a wealth of opportunities to gain in depth technical insight from leading figures within the world of games, discover the latest trends and new developments and gain some hands on business advice. Alongside the main stage and seminar sessions there’ll be opportunities to network and collaborate with likeminded creatives, uncover new ways to grow and diversify your business and be inspired for your next developments. Plus, as a not-for-profit event, you can be assured that everything in the programming is shaped by the local (and global) industry, which ensures that your conference experience is as relevant and engaging as possible.

If you’re among the next generation of game developers and creatives keen to kick start your career, or maybe you’re a games enthusiast who’s keen to learn more – then Saturday 2 February is the day for you! Join us for a programme packed with fun and insightful sessions for students and families. Get hands on practical careers advice, hear from industry experts, uncover a wealth of new opportunities and discover the latest releases, all sitting amongst the street food, entertainment and other games to be enjoyed around the venue.

Alongside the main conference activity there will be range of Fringe events taking place, bringing together the local community in celebrating everything about Silicon Spa. Keep your eye on the website for details.

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